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    At the last Hapimag AGM there were far-reaching changes in the board of directors. We expect positive impulses for us shareholders and we expect significantly improved transparency and cooperation in the future!

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  • Independent representation of interests for Hapimag shareholders!

    We want to work constructively with the new management and actively exercise the right to control in the interests of the shareholders. Please continue to support us with suggestions, information and reports!


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Dear Hapimag shareholders

Welcome to the Hapimag shareholder representation HFA,

"Hapimag holiday club for shareholders"

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The HFA, "Hapimag holiday club for shareholders", is the largest independent Advocacy for Hapimag shareholders. We want to exercise the rights of shareholders / partners / members and preserve the value of our investment.

The corona virus is forcing us to stay more at home! Take the opportunity to browse a little on our homepage. We look forward to your comments!

Hapimag general assembly

The Hapimag GV in April 2020 will probably go down in history as a very memorable GM. And yet setting the course for the future of Hapimag! Three new board members were elected, more information & minutes here:

"Hapimag AGM 2020"

Due to the Corona crisis, the AGM was a very short campaign. The voting was carried out in accordance with the power of attorney.

In the meantime there is the minutes of the AGM and also the questions and answers of shareholder groups. Information on this also at the News page

How does Hapimag react to the corona crisis? When do the resorts open again?

Information about this at the NewsArticles and Hapimag and Corona.

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Topics include: Resort (not) openings according to Corona Virus?, Hassan Kadbi elected to the board of directors, special examination rejected, HFA examination request for the AGM, garage fees too high and much more

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Resolutions in the interests of shareholders can only be implemented with a sufficient majority of votes at the AGM. Thanks to many powers of attorney, we were able to achieve initial successes in the interests of the shareholders! Read about us as shareholders "Milking cows of the board of directors"

Become a HFA member and contribute your opinion - we bundle ideas, suggestions and criticism and discuss them with the operational management of Hapimag AG.
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The special test approved by the GV 2018 was carried out by a Swiss Judge rejected!
Affected board members leave their offices!

At the request of the HFA, the majority of the shareholders voted at the 2018 Annual General Meeting to conduct a special audit! Reasons for the special test

In the first round of talks and at the AGM 2019, Mr. Fontana and Mr. VR Schalch still assured that the majority of the shareholders would vote!
Minutes of the AGM 2019

In the meantime, the board has become verbose and has successfully fought the special audit by all means through its lawyers. According to legal experts, Hapimag has meanwhile spent several 6-figure CHF amounts (our shareholder funds) on legal fees to prevent the special audit. With our Money prevented some of the PR from uncovering their wrongdoing.

Unfortunately, the judge made a first incomprehensible judgment the wish of the majority of shareholders after review rejected as not necessary! However, there have been far-reaching changes in the board of directors, responsible board members have resigned. We will keep you in the News up to date.

To prevent such events in the future, we need the powers of attorney for the General Assembly every year! Recommend the HFA other Hapimag shareholders in your circle of friends. Recommend this page!

A new opportunity for Hapimag?

Photo CEO Kadbi Hapimag

With the new CEO, Mr. Hassan Kadbi, since November 02.11.2016nd, XNUMX, there are opportunities for a change of course and a prosperous cooperation with the shareholder groups for the first time!

With him and his new management team, we have established good contact between the shareholder representatives and Hapimag management. CEO Hassan Kadbi attended the HFA AGM in March 2019, and also took part in the HFA board meeting (most recently on March 26, 2019) with his team to discuss ideas and open questions. In September 2019, further constructive talks took place as part of the HFA board meeting. Further talks are planned for next February at the Hapimag Steinhausen office.

As emerged from the discussions, the new team is very interested in issues that the HFA has been representing for years. His team tries to evaluate our ideas and, as far as possible, to implement them. With Mr.n Kadbi there is now a CEO who is committed to working with the HFA.

We hope that we can now put an end to the last resistance of old forces from the Spitz / Scholl era against his course.

Summary of the conversation

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