Due to Corona, our General Assembly on March 21st cannot take place as usual and planned!

The Austrian Corona exception law for clubs therefore allows two procedures for the handling of the general meeting.

1. The AGM can be held by the end of 2021 at the latest be moved

2. The GM can take place virtually. If this is not possible or expedient, the board of directors can make decisions by the general assembly Carry out a written vote (Paper form or email) of the members, even if this is not provided for in the statutes.
The COVID-19-GesV emphasizes that when deciding to hold a virtual meeting, the interests of the society (the association) as well as the interests of the participants (Members) are to be taken into account appropriately.
We asked about the interests of members in a survey. The result looks like this:
A total of 1426 members responded to the survey online or by post. Thereof 100 (7%) are abstentions.
For holding the GA with postal voting: 1098 votes or 78%
For postponement up to the end of the year: 211 votes or 15%
The decision on how the general meeting will take place must now be made by the board of directors.

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