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We need your support!

A few years ago, the merger took place with the German and Swiss shareholder representatives. Since then, the HFA has predominantly worked in the German-speaking area for all Hapimag shareholders.

In order to be able to influence management in Switzerland, we need as many shareholders as possible.
If you know or get to know Hapimag shareholders, please let us know their addresses so that we can get in touch with them. We do not receive any addresses from Hapimag because it does not appear to want to have a strong representation of its shareholders.
Here you can tell us the address of a Hapimag shareholder: Report Hapimag partner

Thank you for your support at the Hapimag General Assembly with your authorization!
The HFA - Hapimag holiday club for shareholders is supported by a growing number of shareholders for the General Meetings. Only in this way was it possible to implement some of the shareholders' important concerns. Please continue to grant us your authorization every year!

All shareholders who supported us with a power of attorney immediately received a first report from the General Meeting, written by our secretary.

How can i get one grant warrant?

Here you can tell us the address of a Hapimag shareholder: Report Hapimag partner

We work voluntarily out of conviction and invest our time for all shareholders!

  • We regularly inform our members with our information sheet HFA news and on the internet.
  • As a “major shareholder”, we represent the interests of the shareholders in the Hapimag General Meeting as best as possible to the Board of Directors.
  • We regularly hold shareholder meetings near you and provide information on current Hapimag matters.

But we also need money to cover the material expenses!

For the production alone, but especially for the mailing of our HFA-Aktuell, we need several thousand euros for each edition!

We are therefore dependent on membership fees and any donations. Even if you do not become a member, you can support our work at any time with a donation and your voting power of attorney.

Annual fee: EUR 26 / CHF 30

Click here to make a voluntary online donation: HFA donation

We look forward to hearing from you soon  (Contact) (Declaration of membership).

SEPA debit order for the annual membership fee: SEPA direct debit

We're open around the clock here on the Internet. No matter what we do: HFA updates, events or our mail info. Please consider that everything in our club is done without compensation for the time spent! Voluntary, which is why there are no fixed office hours and it can sometimes happen that you cannot reach us immediately by phone.


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