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Last update Sept. 20, 2020

Service and goals for Hapimag shareholders

Do you remember when 15 years and more ago a Hapimag holiday was not only something special, but also inexpensive, not only exclusive, but also affordable? At the time, we shareholders invested quite a bit of money in this idea! But where are we today? Half of our investment has lost its value, and a Hapimag holiday has become a luxury that is hardly affordable.

We want to keep the original Hapimag idea healthy, revitalize and shape it!

Due to the alarming numbers in the annual reports we see the urgent need to influence management. For that we need for the general assembly of Hapimag die Power of attorney of every shareholder, even if he is not (yet) a member of us.

Our demands and goals:

  • Saving measures and effective cost management, stabilization of annual fees and local cost contributions!
  • Preservation of the residential rights points and their unrestricted disposal by the shareholders

    Shareholders fall out of the clouds

    Individual shareholders can't achieve anything

  • Securing the capital invested in Hapimag shares, no gradual and hidden expropriation of the shareholders
  • Absolute transparency of the annual invoicing of the plants, management costs, local fees, etc., etc.
  • Better and more effective complaints management (connected to the board of directors)
  • Better and understandable justified decisions for the sale of plants and new installations

At the same time, we see ourselves as a point of contact for all problems of the Hapimag shareholders, and if possible, before you fall out of all clouds!

Our services for our members:

  • Representation of voting rights with influence in the interests of share owners at the annual general meeting in Switzerland
  • Constant information through our periodical newsletter HFA Aktuell
  • Full access to all pages of our homepage including system reports from our members
  • Advice on all questions, collection and exchange of shareholders' experiences
  • Advice on buying and selling shares
  • Advice on points, buying and selling
  • Regular local shareholder meetings with current information

We must therefore unite as many votes as possible in the AGM so that we can act like a weighty “major shareholder”. The only way currently foreseen in Swiss company law to exercise influence in the interests of shareholders.

The new way: HFA info folder in the resorts!

For years, people in the Hapimag management disregarded shareholder representations and fought the HFA as an "enemy". Today we are strong enough to be taken seriously! In a joint effort, we have succeeded in electing new people of integrity to the Board of Directors. And the operational management with CEO Hassan Kadbi is cooperative and ready to talk! A constructive cooperation is emerging.

For the first time, shareholder representatives received approval to publish their own advertising information in the resorts as soon as the corona restrictions allow. Our folders "Who are we" also defines the goals of our work and can be read online here. Folder "Who are we" as PDF.

Here more about information and brochures

Find out from our shareholder meetings about our work for Hapimag shareholders! You can find our next shareholder meetings here: Shareholder meeting

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